Duncan Committees

Duncan runs on its committees! They handle parties, social events like Fridays in the Quad, alumni and associate relations, merchandise, and much much much more.

Executive Committee
Evan Jasica

Legislative vice president
Khoi Nguyen

Vice Presidents
Tyler Foster
Katherine De Paz
Akshay Shyam
Daniel Li
Chief Justice
Wanqi Yuan

Ankitha Challa
Taylor Schultz
Sanya Arora

Arts Committee

Duncan has the biggest CoC, the best mascot (MARRSUUPPIALLSSS BIIISH), and the dunciest hunks. But if there is one thing that we’re lacking, it's our attention to the artistic, creative, and dramatic side of Duncaroos. That's where our Arts committee comes in! Think dance (let’s bring back duncstep people), music, theater (Bakershake watch your back), and poetry (poetry slam anyone?). We spearhead the coolest art events, takeover Duncan commons with murals and birthday posters, put on drunk Hamilton productions, and bring back the Duncan Yearbook and State of the Roonion!

Adrienne Bradley
Sanya Arora
Taylor Stowers
Associates Committee

As the newest college, Duncan needs help building a strong support system. The Associates Committee maintains relations with the coolest professors on campus, the most interesting faculty members, and the most notable Duncan alumni. (They’re oldies, but goodies!) In addition to providing first-hand access to these adult resources to Duncaroos, they host the most coveted events of the year –the fancy Fall Gala and the swanky Spring Associates’ Night.

Jessica Liu
Tyler Foster
Luke Alejandro
Beer Bike Committee

BEEEEEEEEEER BIKE!!!! The Beer Bike coordinates and committee reach out to sponsors, plan WoodsTOKC Week and its events, create and sell cool merchandise, collaborate with coords from other colleges, oversee the float build, and of course, put together an amazing Beer Bike experience for Duncan. It’s undisputed that Duncan has the most hype for Beer Bike Week events and at the track on race day, we'll keep that legacy going! #ROOROOROO (who tf are you)

Maria Antonia Bustillo
Jacob Duplantis
Anthony Insalaco
Cali Liu
Wanqi Yuan
Culture & Inclusion Committee

Formerly <Culture and Arts> and <Diversity and Inclusion> committees, Culture and Inclusion (C&I) merges the best of both worlds and aims to celebrate all aspects of Duncaroos that make us the diverse, unique, and inclusive community that we are. We highlight the inclusion of ALL differences as a Duncan core value <3 carrying forth traditions like Mr. Duncan, Culture Nights, and Pride FITQ, and also engaging Duncaroos with campus-wide C&I-related events and promote critical dialogues at Duncan!

Katherine De Paz
Misbaou Bah
Precious Akinrinmade
Improvements Committee

The Improvements committee is in charge of improvement projects around Duncan. This can range from a complete makeover of one of the shared spaces to purchasing a few pieces of furniture that would be useful around Duncan. Although there’s no getting around our cursed U-shape, we manage all other physical changes in order to maintain the building we call home. #DuncanIsBeautiful

Mary-Gwen Milburn
Luke Alejandro
Senior Committee

The Senior Committee is in charge of celebrating our senior class. We plan a variety of senior bonding events that range from off-campus trips to events at Duncan, culminating in the epic Senior Week experience. We also work closely with Senior heads/reps from other colleges to organize Rice-wide senior events.

Zahrah Butler
Karen Murambadoro
Socials Committee

Calling all ragers 😈The Socials committee carries the weight of the Duncan reputation of their shoulders: we're in charge of our Spring public partay: Sensation! We also plan College Night and Tavern each semester, making sure students are practicing safe drinking at all times!

Pablo Alarcon
Eliza Jasani
Bo Sung Kim
Spirit Committee

Some of us drink Dunc Tank water for breakfast. Others spend our free time doing the Sun God and shopping for kangaroo statues. We run many Duncan traditions such as FITQ’s, Frat Weekends, Class Olympics, Duncasino, and Duncan game nights like Family Feud. The Spirit Committee is always looking to create new ideas, always feel free to reach out with any thoughts!

Rachel Rosenthal
Jerry Templeton
Hugo Gerbich Pais