Duncan Representatives

What would we do without our beloved representatives? These students are elected to manage the internal affairs of Duncan, from documenting our history to hyping up our IM teams.

Senior Representatives
Zahrah Butler
Karen Murambadoro
Junior Representatives
Anthony Insalaco
Sai Mallanagari
Sophomore Representatives
Milan George
Dhruv Patel
Freshman Representatives
Beck Edwards
Ryker Dolese

Say cheese! The Historians are in charge of capturing Duncan events and commemorating Duncan culture. We are in charge of taking photos at Duncan events, maintaining the Duncan History page, and keeping the Duncan Instagram poppin!

Cali Liu
Natasha Flores-Acton
Kitchen Representatives

Our kitchen reps are in charge of maintaining our 2nd and 5th floor kitchens. We make sure that our cooking appliances and equipment are well taken care of and that our kitchens are stocked and clean!

Kayla Peden
Jenn Nguyen
Merch Representatives

Whether you prefer to rock Supreme or sport Chanel, you can’t disagree that Duncan Merchandise is renowned across campus for being creative and iconic. We carry that tradition and help showcase Duncan's spirit to the entire campus! Merch reps collaborate with the Duncan community to brand t-shirts, pants, socks, stickers, water bottles, umbrellas, and hats – you name it, it’s possible.

Deema Jihad
Raul Montes
Carla Sipahioglu
Alisha Aggarwal
Emily Ma
Sports Representatives

DUNCAN HAS NOT WON THE PRESIDENT’S CUP (yet)– but we’ve come close. We encourage Duncaroos to support their fellow IM athletes and student-athletes at intramural and campus-wide sporting events, not just so we can win but so we can build our community. Sports reps also host watch-parties for nationwide events, rally Duncaroos before sporting events, and lead poster-making sessions to cheer Duncaroos on.

Chloe Singer
Colin Freeman
Tech Directors
Megan Xiao
Open Position